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St Matthews C of E Primary School

Half-termly Class Newsletter


Class: 1JF

Date: 6th November 2017


General Information / Upcoming Events

Welcome back, we hope you all have had a lovely half term break! This half- term there will be a trip to Chester Zoo to enhance the learning taking place in Science. Dates will be confirmed ASAP. There may be a few places available for parent helpers to volunteer to accompany us. As you can appreciate we are limited by coach numbers therefore this will be done on a first come, first serve basis. If you would like to volunteer your help please can you let me know.



PE will be taught on Mondays and Fridays.

Please make sure your child’s PE kit is in school on these days.


Friday’s PE session will be taught by Mrs Ferreira as part of PPA cover.

Reading Books

Children will have a daily guided reading session in school but will also have a separate individual reading book and record book that will come home every day. Children’s individual reading books will be changed on a regular basis at least weekly. However, if your child has read their book before the allocated days they can put it in the pink box on my desk and it will be changed for them. We do ask that your child does not change their reading book too frequently as one of the year 1 objectives this year is too build up reading fluency by reading texts again.


Curriculum – What will children be learning this half term?


The children will be focussing on a poetry unit. They will present poems to an audience and become poetry stars. As a class, they will read and recite a variety of poems, practising reading them in different ways (adding actions, expression, etc.) to develop their skills. They will also practise ways to learn poems off by heart. The children will practise joining words to make sentences and using the punctuation to help read for meaning. After some teacher modelling, they will write letters to invite people to their poetry star performance, rehearsing sentences orally before writing them. The children will then present to an audience, and feedback on each other’s performances. The children will be practising sentence level work and ensuring they understand and can use capital letters and full stops to punctuate sentences correctly. They will be introduced to proper nouns and will begin to identify and use them correctly in their writing.


In Maths we will be looking at the strand ‘Addition and Subtraction’. The children will learn that whole numbers can be broken into parts to make the whole. They will begin to identify, use and create part whole models for number calculations. They will explore number facts within and to 10 and use systematic thinking to record all possible calculations. They will learn to compare number facts and looking adding on more by counting on. The children will become familiar with both the addition and subtraction symbols and understand their meaning. They will begin to be able to find a part by using practical resources and looking at the whole number. The children will begin to take away by finding how many is left after using practical resources and methods of crossing out. They will go on to interpret and write subtraction calculations by counting back and finding the difference. Eventually the children will look at comparing addition and subtraction statements and begin to look at fact families and inverse.


We will be continuing to look at the topic of ‘Animals including Humans’. The children will begin to group and classify animals by key features and their appearance. They will also learn to classify animals by the different types of food they eat e.g. Herbivores, Omnivores and Carnivores. An off-site visit to Chester Zoo will be incorporated into the unit so children can experience live animals first hand. The children will work towards creating a plan of a zoo environment incorporating different types of animals in their design. Working scientifically, children will have the opportunity of observing and classifying animals in the local environment and beyond. They will record data, with help, in charts and tables and use these to answer questions.


The R.E focus will be around Christmas and the idea of ‘gift bringers’. We will explore different kinds of gifts e.g. those that we cannot wrap up. We will explore the question: Who/what was God’s most precious gift? The children will learn all about the Christmas story and act out ‘The Nativity’ through various methods e.g. role play, freeze frames, pictorially etc. The children will engage in a Christmas service in church as part of the unit.


The topic will be ‘Pictograms/Lego Builders’. This topic will give children the skills to create pictograms and collect data and record results using the programme ‘Purple Mash’. The children will learn to follow and create accurate instructions to create colourful pictograms that they can begin to interpret.


Our focus will be History this half term and we will be looking at the topic ‘Intrepid explorers’. The children will be learning the names of significant explorers and begin to talk about the places they visited and discovered. We will be focussing on Christopher Columbus and Neil Armstrong, comparing and contrasting their adventures. Children will be encouraged to use appropriate language when talking about significant people from the past. They will then use their research skills to find out about other significant explorers from the past. The Design and Technology topic this term will be ‘food’ and the children will be preparing various fruits/vegetables to design, make and evaluate smoothies and fruit kebabs.


In PE, the focus will be ‘Games (net)’- the children will be learning ‘Bisi Badminton’. They will be introduced to and develop different methods of travelling across the ground. They will develop basic squatting and jumping technique and practise multi-directional lunging. This unit will allow pupils to experience pushing, pulling and rotating whilst using flexion and extension.


The unit will be focusing on two key songs: ‘Rhythm in The Way We walk’ and the ‘Banana Rap’. The children will learn about the genres of music: Reggae and Hip Hop and begin to listen and appraise different music. They will learn about the interrelated dimensions of music through games and singing. The children will learn to perform music expressively in various ways to an audience.



What will be given?

When will it be sent home?

When does it need to be returned to school?


Maths homework- to support each block of learning.



Weekly phonics homework





At the beginning of a new block of learning.




On a Friday



On a Friday

See homework sheet



By Wednesday (children to return it to the blue box in the classroom)


Children will need to practise the spellings for the following Friday’s spelling test.



How can parents help?

We are always grateful for your support and involvement throughout the year. Helping your child with their homework weekly will be much appreciated as the homework set is there to embed the concepts we have learnt throughout the week. We ask that you read with your child at home as frequently as possible and make brief comments in their reading record book to indicate that the book has been read.


Useful links to support learning

YouTube- I can count to 100 song- Harry Kindergarten Have fun teaching- counting back from 20

Friends of 10 song – 5-7yrs old addition and subtraction


Thank you for your continued support.


Mrs Fellone