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Welcome to 2KO



Welcome to Year 2


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St Matthews C of E Primary School

Half-termly Class Newsletter



Class: Year 2KO and Year 2CH

Date: Spring 1st half term 2018


General Information / Upcoming Events

We are hoping to host an end of Key Stage 1 assessment information evening shortly. Please keep your eye on the weekly newsletter for confirmation of the date.



Please ensure that your child has a pair of pumps in their P.E. bag which fit them properly. We have very few spare pumps and most P.E. activities are not really suitable for shoes or bare feet.

Reading Books

Please ensure that individual reading books and reading record books are in your child’s school bag every day. Please remind your child that when a book is finished and you have written in ‘to the end’ in the reading record book, they should change it for another one on the bookshelf, the following morning.


Curriculum – What will children be learning this half term?


Fiction – fairy stories and traditional tales, character descriptions, structure of stories

Phonics – contractions, suffixes, unusual spelling patterns


Multiplication, division, statistics


Materials and their uses, changing shape


‘Jesus – a friend to everyone’ – Bible stories and their message

What is the good news Jesus brings?


Use a database to answer search based questions


Geography – Where do I live?, continents and oceans, UK countries, capital cities and surrounding seas

Design and Technology – Mechanisms: creating levers and sliders


Throwing and catching, developing ball skills, healthy exercise


Singing, playing and improvising









What will be given?

When will it be sent home?

When does it need to be returned to school?

Reading – individual reading books












On going







Look out for the ‘Club 11-99’ letter and attached times tables that will be sent out at the end of this week



The book and reading record book should be in your child’s school bag every day.

The spelling test will be done the following Monday.

Times table practice sheets do not need to be returned to school.



How can parents help?

Thank you for your continued support, it really is appreciated. When you hear your child read it is really helpful if you could ask them specific questions, e.g. about their understanding the story/information read so far, what they predict might happen next, what a particular word means and any other questions which will help them to read with understanding and enjoyment.


Useful links to support learning



Thank you for your continued support.


Mrs Karen Ollerenshaw and Miss Clare Huby