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St Matthews C of E Primary School

Half-termly Class Newsletter


June 2018

Reception Newsletter Summer Half Term 2

Dear Parents,

We can’t believe we have reached the final half term of the school year. For the last seven weeks we will be making the most of the precious time we have left with the children before they move on to year one! They have all come such a long way in terms of learning and development and continue to amaze us by becoming more kind, caring, curious and determined to learn every day! Amongst our learning, we will be preparing the children for their transition into year one by visiting the teachers and the classrooms and trying to incorporate some of the year one routines into our day.

The children have enjoyed learning about New life and growth and we had a fantastic trip to Smithills Open Farm where the children were brilliantly behaved! The Royal family have been quite a feature this half term too and the traditions related to weddings and we all enjoyed our garden party to celebrate The wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle!.

We  are embedding phase 4 letters and sounds and have moved on to reading and writing words with more than once syllable whilst still practising ccvc/cvcc/ccvcc words. As your child becomes more confident with word reading, it is important that they begin to show an understanding of what they have read. Please aim to read your child’s reading book more than once and talk about it…lots!



Moving on


The Very Hungry Caterpillar


Mad About Minibeasts

The Very Busy Spider



Ways to help your child at home



Other areas of learning

  • Focus particularly on numbers 11-20 as this is where the children naturally get caught out when learning to count.
  • Play games involving counting eg snakes and ladders/dominoes
  • Reinforce addition and subtraction in everyday situations eg I have …peas on my plate, if I eat… how many will be left?
  • Play doubling games eg show your child so many fingers, ask them to double and count the total.
  • Continue to read your child’s school book regularly.
  • Read a range of books as often as possible
  • Encourage your child to mark make for their own enjoyment.
  • Once your child has read a book, don’t be too quick to change it, more practise with a text leads to greater fluency and deeper understanding. We would recommend changing a reading book no more than twice a week.
  • Practise learning the names of letters as well as the sounds they make. In school we say “It’s name is… it’s sound is…)
  • Take your child outdoors to look at environmental and seasonal changes
  • Allow your child regular opportunities to run, jump and balance as possible. Strong gross motor skills provide firm foundations for writing skills believe it or not!

Useful Websites/apps

Pocket phonics /Phonics street/Alphablocks

Useful apps for consolidating phoneme/grapheme correspondence and letter formation.

Maths (age3-5/4-6)

A good app for a variety of mathematical concepts with the facility to print off a certificate when a level is completed.

Endless Alphabet

A useful app for reinforcing letter names, plus their capital equivalents as well as explaining the meaning of words to extend vocabulary.



As the weather seems to be warming up, (fingers crossed it stays!) can we please ask that you apply sun cream to your child before they come to school and send them with a sun hat.

Thank you for your continued support

The Early Years Team

Some of the activities from the link above only works from a computer. We apologise for this inconvenience.