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Welcome to 6MA Class



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St Matthews C of E Primary School

Half-termly Class Newsletter


Class: Year 6

Date: November 2017


General Information / Upcoming Events

  • Pantomime - Thursday 30th November
  • Please can you remember to revise the Years 3/4 spelling list which has been sent home in the first half term.
  • Christmas Party day - 20th December
  • Christmas Service - 19th December



Will take place on Wednesday afternoons.

Due to the colder weather, children can wear navy/black tracksuit bottoms and jumpers. Please can they also have trainers for outside PE only.

Reading Books

Children will have a daily guided reading session in school but the children may also take a book from our class or school library. The children should be reading every day at home, where possible.


Curriculum – What will children be learning this half term?


  • Information texts and non-chronological reports. Using a video stimulus to write information texts about a planet from a different solar system. Do you know what a Sneaglegator is? Well the year 6 information texts will tell you all you need to know!
  • Learning debating skills and vocabulary needed to present an idea and disagree politely!


  • Fractions. (Finding fractions of amounts, finding the whole from a given fraction,
  • Geometry and position


  • Our Bodies
  • Circulatory / digestive system
  • Impact of diet / exercise / drugs / lifestyle


  • Advent / Christmas
  • The Advent Wreath
  • The Prophets
  • John the Baptist
  • Mary
  • The people of God


Pressure and the Media / Social Media

  • Media images – effect on young people
  • Sources of peer pressure
  • Resisting pressure / asking for help
  • Research/discuss/debate topical issues, problems and events
  • How the media presents information
  • Misleading information on Social Media


  • Spreadsheets
  • Use a spreadsheet to: investigate probability, calculate discounts / final prices in a sale; plan how to spend pocket money; plan a school charity day

History / Geography

The Great Wars

  • Key facts about WWI and life in the trenches
  • Key facts about WWII and home life during WWII

Art / Design

  • Frame Structures
  • The children will design and make their own Anderson shelters.


Then and Now

  • Numbers to 100
  • Greetings
  • Telling the time


  • Gymnastics
  • Matching/Mirroring
  • Synchronisation/Canon
  • Holes/Balance
  • Counter-balance/Counter-tension


  • Classroom Jazz
  • Christmas Songs



What will be given?

When will it be sent home?

When does it need to be returned to school?

  • Weekly spelling


  • Weekly Maths homework (MyMaths)


  • Weekly Reading homework


  • Weekly Punctuation & Grammar homework


  • Learn by Heart Maths Facts





















How can parents help?

  • At times, we will send test packs home. Please help your children to complete these.
  • Times tables. These will be key in the SATs arithmetic tests.
  • Reading with your child


Useful links to support learning



Thank you for your continued support.


The Year Six Team